Goals of TIBMA

Helping the novice to understand the principles of applying the Bengal standard to the actual cat(s).

Learn to recognize the signs of collecting/hoarding and how to identify and implement early interventions.

Peer and customer reviews and assesments of breeding programs and cattery managment.

Provide written and personal guidance and support for new and experienced breeders.

Educate new exhibitors to the in's and outs of showing and breeding cats.

Establish and accomplish goals for a successful breeding and show cattery.

Develop a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing to new and old breeders and exhibitors.

Encourage and educate new and old breeders the importance of rescue resources.

Click to join TIBMA

Click to join TIBMA

The International Bengal Mentor Associates

A Knowledge Base and Positive Support Network

Making a difference one person at a time

We can reduce rescues, over breeding, collecting, health issues, genetic faults and so many other problems with a Mentor program that we all contribute to.

If we are all motivated to implement positive change we can influence a vibrant and healthy community of breeders, owners and exhibitors.

Having available resources for new members in the cat fancy we will be able to attract and retain more members and increase attendance at cat shows everywhere.

A program that provides guidance, assistance, education and nurturing to new breeders and exhibitors will create an increase in registrations, exhibition and an increase in reputable and respsonsible breeding practices.


Mark Pennington - Founder