Some Goals of TIBMA

Helping the novice to understand the principles of applying the Bengal standard to the actual cat(s).

Learn to recognize the signs of collecting/hoarding and how to identify and implement early interventions.

Peer Reviews and assesments of breeding programs and cattery managment.

Provide written and personal guidance and support for new and experienced breeders.

Educate new exhibitors to the in's and outs of showing and breeding cats.

Establish and accomplish goals for a successful breeding and show cattery.

Develop a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing to new and old breeders and exhibitors.

Encourage and educate new and old breeders the importance of rescue resources.

TIBMA Voluntary Breeder Referral & Review Program

TIBMA wants to strive to give potential buyers a review of a cattery that they might be interested in making a purchase from. The Voluntary Review & Rating Program will enable buyers to gain more information prior to making a purchase decision. In addition this will allow breeders a way to measure their catteries against each other as we all make improvements together. While we all understand that there is no perfect cattery or breeder, we can work to better ourselves and our cats environment. This is what we hope to accomplish.

In this area, each breeder will have a section. They will provide photos of their cattery, will show their testing protocols, offer proof of testing for HCM, describe their socialization program, offer testimonials from prior customers and have breeder mentors and customers provide reviews / comments / recommendations. There will also be a question and answer section available for each breeder listed.

No one is required to list their cattery. It is strictly a voluntary program and each member understands that they are willing to be transparent within the community and their buyers. Understanding that a buyer might actually not like some component of their program. This is important to recognize so that we can affect positive change in our catteries. The administration will moderate comments and no comments will be allowed to go through that are considered malicious. Nor will comments that level accusations be allowed to be posted. This is a place for helping each other improve and will not be a place to berate another due to a personal vendetta. It is not a perfect tool, its just an additional one. Having a comment section will allow breeders to address concerns and stay on top of any issues. It is our hope that many will use this to better themselves and their catteries.

The following are a partial list of items we would ask that all members provide for their individual section go to the submission page to find out all the requirements to gain access to be listed. There is no cost.

  • Proof of Cattery Registration with TICA (if a cattery)
  • Photos of your cattery
  • Self Assessment using Cattery Evaluation Form from the TICA Voluntary Responsible Breeding Program
  • Please submit what health guarantees you offer pet buyers.
  • Copies of signed TICA Code of Ethics / TIBMA Code of Ethics.
  • Listing of memberships related to Cat Fancy.
  • 5 references that are willing to be called by pet buyers.
  • (items to be included are subject to revision)

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Cattery Name
Breeder Name

  • Links to Cattery Pictures
  • Link to Tica Outstanding Cattery Certificate
  • Guarantees- The ones the breeder has in their contract.
  • Link to TICA Code of Ethics
Member: Organizations breeder belongs to (i.e.- TICA, TIBCS, TIBMA, various cat clubs)
Bill Smith- Names of Referrals - George Jones - Contact Information - Cecilia Strahle

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Mark Pennington -Mystre Bengals - Founder