Some Goals of TIBMA

Helping the novice to understand the principles of applying the Bengal standard to the actual cat(s).

Learn to recognize the signs of collecting/hoarding and how to identify and implement early interventions.

Peer and customer reviews and assesments of breeding programs and cattery managment.

Provide written and personal guidance and support for new and experienced breeders.

Educate new exhibitors to the in's and outs of showing and breeding cats.

Establish and accomplish goals for a successful breeding and show cattery.

Develop a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing to new and old breeders and exhibitors.

Encourage and educate new and old breeders the importance of rescue resources.

Education for Breeder / Owner / Show Betterment

When we learn something, we always retain more if we add some additional interaction with the material. For instance if you hear something and take notes you will remember more than if you only listened to a professor give a lecture. If you read along, take notes, and discuss it afterwards you will retain even more of the material. The desire of TIBMA is to improve education of all of us associated with the breeding, showing and owning of Bengals. So what we are doing with our education section is to have items listed that we should all work towards gaining a better understanding of in order to improve our breed.

Below you will find a itemized list of educational topics and starting links. Each mentor and mentee will go through the list in their own time. You should call your mentor / mentee / learning partner after you have researched each item and discuss it with each other. Take opposing sides of difficult topics than what you normally would believe. Reach for understanding not just rote memorization. While discussing the topic have your conversations only about that topic for that day. This can be done via phone (preferred) or email. Print out the following checklist of items and list date that you and your mentor / mentee complete each section on the list. Once list is complete submit it to TIBMA for your Rosette to add to your website recognizing you as having completed level requirements for being initially accredited in TIBMA. There are three levels of accreditation (subject to revision as we evolve): Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze will be completion of education items, Silver is when you have all review items posted on your blurb, and Gold is when you have gone through the list with two of your own mentee's. Education breeds competence and competence breeds excellence.


Continuing Education related to showing cats


Continuing Education related to catteries


Continuing Education related to breeding


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