Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

Each and every section in TIBMA is open for volunteers in the organizatioin to update, edit, add to or question. We are all a team in all things related to these cats. The idea of this whole group is to find more ways to work together and encourage a team spirit we so desperately need. We all do things differently, we are all unique in all of the ways we interact, learn, and manage our cats and day to day lives. This is something we need to always remember and be aware of. My way isn't your way and thats ok. Just give us all as much information as we can find and let us manage our own catteries trying hard to be tranparent and open in all that we do. If there are no secrets there can be no lies.

Please volunteer to help us to better this site and community. Choose a section you would like to work on and just let the admin know you are willing to help contribute to the community. We will welcome you with open arms (we supply the smiles you bring your spell checker)



Mark Pennington -Mystre Bengals - Founder